How many people must die?
How many people must die?




On February 10, 2015, Russian-backed terrorists shelled the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk. During this attack, many Ukrainian civilians were killed or severely injured. According to the UN, the war started by Russia in 2014 took lives of more than 10,000 people. It is 2018 now, and the war is still going on but the world starts to forget about us. So, we asked ourselves: What can we do to commemorate lives of the murdered innocent citizens and remind the world about ongoing war in Ukraine?



We have decided to invite the whole world to join us at the opening of a war memorial. We called the memorial “How many more people must die?” It depicts a SMERCH missile shuttering a glass cube with names of the perished citizens, killed during the shelling of Kramatorsk, Mariupol and Volnovakha. The cube was placed on the exact location where the same missile hit the ground in Kramatorsk during the 2015 shelling. Members of Donbas NGOs opened it on the same date, when the shelling took place.



Multiple media outlets, both Ukrainian and International, such as BBC, Liberty Radio, etc, highlighted the memorial opening.

113 media impressions – 96 web / press, 17 TV / YouTube