Big Data for Big Changes
Big Data for Big Changes




As a mobile operator with various advanced services, Vodafone wanted to prove its innovation-driven image in a more meaningful way that would create value for Ukraine,



Vodafone generates volumes of consumer Big Data, which, if applied properly, could trigger innovative products and services, and thus boost business and the quality of life in Ukraine.

Why not make everybody experience how Big Data innovation could inspire changes in life and business?

So, Vodafone launched the Big Data Lab Incubator.


Big Data Lab Incubator:

Over 600 willing innovators and IT experts from all over Ukraine.

38 eager teams.

Over 40 innovative ideas.

15 Big Data projects presented to investors.



5 Big Data projects got financing.

Lviv got a real-time streamlining system for public transport.

Vodafone became an innovation provider receiving multiple requests for Big Data solutions.

Over 400,000 earned media impressions.

Big Data Lab turned into a permanent innovative product incubator.