Listen to Akyns
Listen to Akyns




Alma TV, a Kazakh TV provider, and Discovery wanted to increase the sales of TV packages by promoting exclusive Discovery HD channels.

The only problem was that the Kazakhs did not really give a damn about what was popular in the world.



The Kazakhs may not listen to what the world has to offer, but they will always listen to akyns – their favorite traditional improvising singers. So we hacked this traditional phenomenon and made the Kazakhs not only listen to, but actually love, what Alma TV to offer.

Akyns performed humorous improvising songs about the content of Discovery, Animal Planet and TLC, making the channels interesting and appealing to the Kazakhstan.


Akyns sang about TV on landing page, online videos, digital banners, Facebook and Instagram posts.



Akyns touched the heartstrings of a large number of Kazakhs.

TV-packages subscription increased by 75%.

Facebook and Instagram video impression rate: 320% higher than expected.

Facebook and Instagram post click rate: 350% higher than expected.

Online video impression rate: 150% higher than expected.

Landing page traffic increased by 200%.