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Feel Discovery Quest


To make an interactive announcement about the premiere of Discovery channel in the office of its partner, VOLIA.


Describes how to create

In order to attract employees, we decided to organize a quest based on Discovery TV programs - all this in 1 day in the office space.


To become a member of the quest, VOLIA employees passed the qualifying round in the online quest format. The 15 strongest got the Discovery Board and went on a trip.

Each station brought the main idea of the program. To reach the semi-finals, the participants constructed the legendary Pontiac, assembled a Mad Max-style wheelbarrow from a wreck, recreated medieval weapons with their own hands, drove through the streets of Memphis and fled from wild animals, going on a forest hunt. In the semifinal - on a desert island - the participants walked along a shaky bridge in the form of a balance board. Two finalists competed for the main prize, building a skyscraper in the form of a jenga based on the Sinking Cities program.



15 lucky ones who received prizes and Discovery Board with photo reports.

Increased loyalty and interest to the Discovery TV channel from the employees of the telecommunications company VOLIA (provider of the Discovery TV channel).