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VOLIA. All inclusive


To develop the idea of an advertising video about the new package of services from VOLIA, to organize the production of the video and to prepare a number of creative materials. The new all-inclusive package by VOLIA consists of a full range of telecommunication services: Internet, Mobile Internet 4.5G, Mobile communications and Television.


Describes how to create

In the video-testimonial we show that with the package "All inclusive" the consumer wins in all services, getting everything in the world of entertainment.


We compare the services of the new "All Inclusive" package with a victory in sports competition. Why? Because the consumer wins everywhere! At home with fixed Ihigh spped nternet! On the street with mobile Internet with the same maximum possible speed of 4.5G! And everywhere: both at home and on the street with modern television! All-inclusive - all the benefits in the world of entertainment are yours!

Slogan: With the package "All inclusive" by VOLIA you win in everything!